Shrimp Salad with Sundried Tomato Dressing


1/2 Cooked Shrimp

1/2 Cup Pre-washed Packaged Spinach

1/4 Cup Garbanzo Beans

1/4 Cup Cauliflower, Cut into small pieces

1/4 Cup Cherry Tomatos, Halved

1/2 Lime

Sundried Tomato & Herb Olive Oil


Lemon Pepper



  1. In the main serving bowl, cut spinach in half with hands (not knife) and place in bowl.  Add garbonzo beans, cauliflower, and tomatoes.
  2. Remove stem from cooked shrimp and cut into three pieces.  Add to spinach mixture.
  3. Add juice of lemon, oil, salt, and lemon pepper.
  4. Serve with a side of seafood, beef, or chicken.

Serves 4.