Shrimp Mosca

- 2 pounds of unpeeled shrimp - 6 or more cloves of diced garlic - 2 whole bay leaves - 1 teaspoon rosemary - 1 teaspoon oregano - 1 teaspoon of crushed black pepper - 1 teaspoon of red pepper - 1 tablespoon of salt - 2 ounces of olive oil (butter, too, if you’re so inclined) - a decent amount (to each his own on what constitutes “decent”) of dry white wine.
1. Start by heating the olive oil (and butter, if you like…we always add butter) in a frying pan, adding the shrimp (shells on, folks!), herbs and spices and sauteeing until the shrimp turn pink. 2. Add the wine and simmer the mixture for 5-7 minutes. 3. Serve with crunchy French bread and a salad of mixed greens. We washed ours down with Joseph Drouhin’s LaForet Chardonnay, a reasonably priced bottle touted by The Washington Post last Fall as a "Wine of the Week."