Shrimp and Broc

- Defrosted or fresh shrimp - Broccoli - Steamed rice - 1-2 stalks of green onion - Diced garlic - Salt - Sesame oil - Cooking oil - Soysauce - A pinch of sugar - Rice cooking wine - Black pepper (optional)
This is one of the dishes that I picked up by watching my mother cook at a young age, I've been cooking and eating this ever since grade school. So if you like shrimp this might be the dish for you... 1. Take the green onion and cut the lower half of it, then take that have and cut it diagonally. The top half can be cut into the normal rings. The diagonal cut is very important, since using that to start the wok/pan adds a specific taste to the shrimp. 2. Peel the shrimp if it wasn't peeled already, then carefully cut a crescent shape through the back of the shrimp to ensure it gets cooked fast. Shrimp will lose it's "springiness" if it gets cook too long. Then rinse throughly, place in a bowl and pour out excess water as it may again affect the "springiness" of the shrimp. 3. Now conservatively add some Rice cooking wine. You don't add too much since the dish shrimp will be overwhelmed by the wine taste. Add just enough to cover the raw seafood taste. 4. Add salt, soysauce, a pinch of sugar, half of the diced garlic, green onion rings, and Sesame oil. Mix. 5. Start the wok in high heat add some cooking oil, after it heats up add the diagonally cut green onion, and the other half of the garlic, spread around a little, then proceed to add the shrimp mix. 6. Keep the shrimp moving until the shrimp has curled up and turned orange, turn off the heat and stir for a minute. Enjoy. Now where does the broccoli and the rice come in? They should be boiling while you are cooking the shrimp so when you are done with the shrimp they should also be done. Convenient huh?