Shiitake and Bean Sprouts in Oyster Sauce

- Sesame Oil - 3 teaspoons of ginger (slivered or frozen) - sliced shiitake mushrooms - bean sprouts - 2 spring onions, sliced into 1.5″ pieces - ground anise seed - ground black pepper - parsley (optional) - sesame seed (optional) - 3 tbsp oyster sauce - 1 tbsp soy sauce - 1 tbsp water
1. Mix the sauce ingredients (oyster sauce, soy sauce and water) together in a bowl 2. Heat sesame oil in pan. 3. Add ginger. Cook until light brown 4. Add shiitake and bean sprouts. Cook until sprouts are slightly wilted 5. Add spring onions 6. Sprinkle anise seed, black pepper and parsley. 7. Serve over rice (or Quinoa if you’re a health nut-wannabe like me). Sprinkle sesame seeds on top, if desired.