Sesame Soymilk Pudding

- 1 tbsp gelatin powder - 2 tbsp water - 50g black sesame paste, unsweetened - 70g sugar - 300ml soy milk - 70ml cream - ½ tsp ginger juice Serves 4
1.Dissolve gelatin powder in ice water to reconstitute 2.whisk together sesame paste and sugar until color turns light. Whisk in soy milk little by little and add ginger juice at the end. 3.Melt gelatin in water bath until completely dissolved, add to sesame soymilk. 4.While gelatin is dissolving, whip cream over ice-water bath until soft peaks form. Add to sesame soymilk mix and set bowl on ice-water, stir slowly until thickens slightly. 5.Pour into pudding cups and chill in fridge for 2-3 hours before serving.