Seasonal Spaghetti

**Cream Spinach Spaghetti with Prosciutto Ham Wrapped Asparagus** - Olive oil - Garlic / finely chopped - Spring Onion / chopped - Cream - Butter - Lemon - Asparagus - Prosciutto ham - Salt & Pepper
**Asparagus is normally fairly expensive to buy in this country, but for this few weeks British asparagus are in season so you can pick some up for a good price at your local market. I kind of made this recipe up as I pushed my trolly round the supermarket, but it turned out to be quite a delicious dish! In the picture above I used bacon, in hindsight Prosciutto ham would be better, as it will look more delicate and be more crispy** 1. Timing with this dish is important. It will take you about 10min to cook the Prosciutto Ham Wrapped Asparagus, and about 5 - 7 min for the cream sauce, so check how long it takes for your spaghetti to cook and time accordingly. 2. Wrap about 3 spears of asparagus with one prosciutto ham, then wrap another 2 layers on top. So you use 3 slices of ham per bundle. 2. Start cooking your spaghetti if it takes longer than 10min. 3. Glug of oil in a frying pan and fry the asparagus bundles over medium heat. Remember to keep turning the bundles, so they colour evenly. 4. Drop a knob of butter into a saucepan, when butter has melted add the garlic and spring onion. When the onion slightly softens add the cream and stir through, turn the heat down low. 5. When the cream starts boil slightly, add big handfuls of spinach and stir through for a minute then turn off the heat. Season to taste. 6. Drain the spaghetti and add cream sauce. Mix well. 7. Serve with the asparagus bundles resting on top of the spaghetti and squeeze some lemon juice all over.