Seasonal Berry Breakfast Oatmeal

(Serves Two) Simply delicious and quick, a wholesome start to your day. -1 Cup of Rolled Oatmeal -1 Cup seasonal berries fresh or frozen -30grams unsalted butter -30grams dark brown sugar -pinch sea salt -2/3 cup of water
1. place 2/3rds the berries in a stainless pan with a pinch sliver of the butter, simmer two minutes until berries are semi liquid, but some good juice is present, remove from heat and place simmered berries in base of serving bowls, set aside.leave remaining fruit at room temperature or thaw to room temperature and set aside), oatmeal, water and pinch of sea salt in saucepan and bring to boil, reduce heat to simmer for three minutes until soft and creamy. Pour cooked oatmeal over berries and allow juice to form a ring around the edges ( like a red moat) 3. place knob of butter on top of oatmeal, spinkle with remaining brown sugar and let it melt to the edges.(top with remaining berry fruit. Enjoy with a fresh brewed coffee and sourdough toast...yum