Seafood Mui Fan – Asian risotto – Rice with Seafoo

-2 rice bowls cooked rice

- medley of frozen seafood (calamari, bay scallops, prawns) , remaining from here; to be thawed before use
- Yu-choy, remaining from here
- canned straw mushrooms, remaining from here
-1/2tsp crushed garlic
-1/2tsp crushed ginger
-1-2tbsp oyster sauce
-1/2cup chicken broth
- drizzle of sesame oil
-1 eggs, whisked light
-pepper and salt to taste
-oil for cooking
-more water, adjust accordingly
1.Heat oil, add in garlic, ginger and saute seafood till cooked. Set aside.
2. There will be some seafood "juices" left in the wok/pan. Add in mushrooms, and vegetables, add in oyster sauce and fry briskly.
3.Pour in broth and bring to the boil. Simmer 3mins.
4. Add in the cooked seafood. Season to taste and mix well.
5. After this entire mixture comes to a second simmer, turn off the heat. Add in whisked egg slowly (Note: The heat remaining in the wok/pan of cooked ingredients will cook the egg just to smooth and silky.)
6. Finally, pour the entire gravy on top of the rice. It needs to be intentionally eaten wet!