Seafood cabbage rolls

-1 fish fillet - use a good quality fish fillet (I use cod fillet) -6-10 medium size prawns -dashes of salt and pepper -1tsp sesame oil -less than 1tsp cooking wine -1/2 cup mixed vegetables of peas and carrots, cooked and cooled, set aside -1 egg white -nori -cabbage-blanched then dip in cold icy water to retain "crisp" and color
1.chop the fish fillet to a fish paste consistency. Do the same with the prawns. 2. Mix them in a mixing bowl and add in the cooked (cooled) vegetables and the marinade of salt and pepper, sesame oil and cooking wine. Then add in egg white and mix well. The final paste should not be too watery and just slightly sticky. 3. Basically, lay the whole napa cabbage leaves on flat surface, add nori layer on top, fill in with seafood paste and roll up. Steam for 8-12mins.