scrambled tofu stir-fry

- a good knob of ginger - garlic to taste (personally 2-3 cloves) - caramelised soy sauce - soy sauce - sriracha sauce - black bean sauce - firm tofu (personally approx. 175g) - bok choy (personally 2 small) - choy sum (personally 1 small) - soba noodles (personally approx. 100g) - vegan prawns (hey, I'm a vegan, but i don't expect you to have such things on hand) - fried shallots to serve - blanched almonds to serve (can be left out)
tofu scramble* is a favourite among vegans and their friends alike, as is the good old stir-fry, so on a night stuck with the decision of what to make, I settle upon both. 1. its advisable to semi-cook the soba and sit them in cold water 2. fry the ginger and garlic 3. add the prawns, crumble in the tofu and add the greens, stir constantly 4. when semi wilted add the sauces (to taste) and the soba noodles 5. serve with shallots and blanched almonds *tofu-scramble: so named for its resemblance to scrambled eggs