Savoury Pork Chops

- thin cut pork chops - oriental sweet plum marinade or stir-fry sauce (Woolworth's) - Thai seasoning (Masterfoods)
I made this dish because: (1) eating out is expensive, especially meats (2) I wanted a quick way to cook meat (3) I wanted to try out some cooking ideas I have only tried roasting/baking this in a conventional oven, so if you don't have one you might need to experiment. Sorry about the presentation in the photo, I don't have any nice plates. =) A. Marinating the Pork Chop 1. slice shallow cuts on both sides, so that the marinade will penetrate into the meat. the meat will also be cooked more evenly. 2. put the meat into a bowl, pour some Oriental Sweet Plum marinade onto the meat. mix the marinade evenly with the meat. 3. sprinkle the thai seasoning over the meat. mix evenly. 4. leave to season, preferably overnight. B. Cooking 1. Pre-heat the oven for 15 mins at 230 degrees. 2. put the marinated meat on to aluminium foil wrappers so that the juices from the meat don't evaporate 3. leave in oven for 15 minutes at the same temperature 4. after 15 minutes, check to see if the meat looks cooked. one way to tell is to see whether the juices have started to come out. 5. when done, take out and enjoy! I find that the juices/sauces of the cooked meat go pretty well with rice. =)