Sauce for Asparagus (Bozner sose)

For 4 people

For the sauce:
6 eggs
some chives
mustard (1 tea spoons)
mayonnaise (1 big table spoon)
white vinegar (1 table spoon)
olive oil extravergine (3 table spoons)

For the dish:
1 kg cleaned asparagus (green or white) cooked in water
400 gr smoked ham

Easter is arriving and before or during easter here in north of Italy you will find the first asparagus to buy. I normally prefer to use the white ones but they are more expensive and harder to find. The best withe ones you can buy come from the north east region of the Italian Alps: in the provinces of Bolzano, Trento and Vicenza.
This is also why the sauce is called "Bozner" because it is a specillity from Bolzano.
I have seen that now they grow withe ones a little bit all over the world.
If you can only find or afford the green ones they are also really good but have a more primitive taste. Near here where i live, Altedo is a famopus place for green asparagus that's because I used green ones for my photo.


Hard boil the eggs, cool them and clean them from the shells.
Fineli chop the chives.
Smach the eggs with a fork in a bowl. They must not be finely smashed you can keep tbigger pieces of the white part add oil, mayonnaise, mustard, chives and vinegar. Correct with salt mix a little bit with the fork. That's it.

Prepare the plate with Asparagus ham and the sauce.