sarah bernhardt cakes

dark chocolate (70%)
plain macaroons (from the store)
glaced violet flower petals as sprinkles

1½ cup confectionary sugar
7/8 cup almond flour
½ cup egg whites
1/4 cup water

whip egg whites and beat in sugar. gently fold in almond flour and add water. bake until they get beige color.
for app. 12 pieces:
heat up 2 dl. cream up until boiling and remove from heat. add 200 g. chunky pieces of chocolate while stirring gently. keep stirring until smooth and set to cool completely (overnight in fridge for best result).

put macaroons on a baking sheet and melt 150 g. dark chocolate in a plate over steam. you can make your own macaroons if you like, but I get ready-made ones at the store.

spread the chocolate ganache on each macaroon with a knife or icing bag to form a cylinder shape. Cool of and coat with melted chocolate.

sprinkle the violet flower petals before chocolate coating sets. leave it out if it's too hard to get where you live.

serve right out of the fridge with coffee!