Salted vegetable soup (Kiam Chai Boe)


2 Liters    water, or enough to cover meat

~ 1kg       pork meat, cut into pieces  

300g        salted mustard (or 'Kiam Chai' from 

                China).  Soak in water for half an hour

                before use to remove excessive salt,

                cut into large pieces

300g        'Kua Chai' (green vegetable with large

                leaves), cut into large pieces

200g         young corn, slit to halves

8 pcs         dried chilies

3 pcs          red chilies

5 pcs          birds eye chilies (or chili padi) [optional

                  if you like a more spicy taste]     

1 pc           carrot, thinly sliced

4 stalks    lemongrass, cut away the root, use the

                 leftover white bulb-like base, slightly

                 pound it to get the aroma

2 pcs        tomato, cut into half 

15 tbsp    juice from 20 pcs of Tamarind pulp

                (or asam ko) soak in some water 

3 tsp        salt, or to taste

1 tsp        sugar, or to taste          


1.  Bring the water to boil in a stock pot

2.  Put in the pork meat.  Allow to boil for about 5


3.  Add in the rest of the ingredients.  Bring soup to

     boil again before lowering heat to simmer until the

     meat is tender.  Top up with more water if

     necessary.  Adjust soup to taste, adding salt and

     sugar as desired