Salmon, veal cheeks, artichoke lemon rind cream, manzanilla olive cake, fennel milk, Dukkah

-salmon -braised veal cheeks -mirepoix -crepes -fennel milk -lecithin -artichokes barigoule -Dukkah -honeycomb -cornmeal -light chicken stock -Olive oil From Nice -Manzanilla olive -candied lemon rind -shallots -chives -eggs -egg whites -grapeseed oil
This is one of my takes on Terre et Mer, or Surf and Turf. The veal cheeks are braised for 5 hours, then shredded with aromatics and wrapped in a small round of crepe. I then wrap a piece of salmon cut in a strip around the cake. Wrap a piece of oiled foil around to keep the shape while cooking. 1.Artichoke lemon rind cream. Blend the artichokes, barigoule liquid, and lemon rind until you have a thin smooth puree. season and set aside. 2. Cook cornmeal in shallots and stock until tender, fold in the cut manzanilla olives and olive oil. Season and fold in a meringue and bake at 375 for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and keep warm. 3.Fennel milk, cook fennel in light fish fume with fennel seeds and cream. Puree, strain, and add the lecithin. At the last moment, froth with an emulsion blender. 4. To finish the dish, saute the salmon just until crispy but tender. Remove the foil on a plate. Drizzle the artichoke cream around and sprinkle with fleur de sel, manzanilla olive cake, Dukkah, honeycomb, fennel milk and chives. 5. Eat slowly but all of it.