Salmon Lord of the Leeks

- 400g salmon steak (single slice 2 fingers thick) - 2-3 tbsp. best quality butter - 1 small leek - 1/3 of zucchini (measure this by space left between salmon in your pan – read on to see what I mean) - Lemon pepper - Freshly ground pepper (5 varieties for best results) - Soy sauce (thicker) - 2 tsp. tarragon - Herbs de Provence seasoning (mixture of dried basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme)
This dish is best served for two! And the surprises of leek-feeling for you to find I leave. 1. Divide the salmon steak in two pieces and remove skin and bones, then wash under cold water and dry. 2. Cut the leek (use entire white and green parts) every 10 cm then cut these into long sticks. When cooked it will produce funny hair-like garnish. 3. Melt the butter in frying pan. Position the leek sticks along pan sides leaving space at the center for salmon. Position salmon inside the leek ring. While everything is cooking (do not stir the leek) cut the 1/3 of zucchini (or just the size of space between salmon pieces), then cut it in two and make 4-5 cuts to it’s flesh (but not through the skin). Place both zucchini pieces in the very center skin side up (cut side down) between salmon. 4. Sprinkle tarragon and Herbs de Provence over leeks, pepper over fish. 5. Now the hard part. When the fish is half-cooked we need to turn it over. For this I advise removing the zucchini away then carefully turning over the salmon pieces and then putting zucchini back, this time skin side down. 6. Now zig-zag some thick soy sauce over zucchini (to taste; remember this will be the only salt in the dish). Note how the zucchini is nicely open thanks to the cuts. Sprinkle some lemon pepper over fish, and squeeze some lemon juice if desired. The hard work is done, now just sit and wait for your favorite stage of salmon (be advised not to overcook it for it will become dry and stringy. It is best to leave some raw salmon inside.) Serve the same way as it was prepared: leek ring with salmon inside, with zucchini in the middle – makes a nice single-plate serving for two! Do not fear if the leek is not fully cooked – it will deliver some interesting experiences to the mouth. But if you must have your leek cooked to the bone, then add it much earlier to the molten butter and noticeably delay adding salmon and zucchini.