Salmon and asparagus in cheese and cherry sauce

skinless salmon fillets;
fresh asparagus;
fresh basil;
3 or 4 fresh cherries;
1/2 cup of Cottage cheese;
1 tablespoon of olive oil;
1 teaspoon of honey;
sea salt crystals;
salt & pepper

Salt the salmon fillets with sea salt crystals and roll them up with the asparagus inside (like spirals).

Steam the salmon and asparagus spirals in a "bed" of fresh basil for 15 min.

Meanwhile, prepare the Cottage cheese and cherry sauce, chopping some leafs of fresh basil and cutting the cherries (removing the pits) into small pieces.

In a bowl, mix the Cottage cheese with olive oil and honey, and then add the chopped fresh basil and pieces of cherries.

Adjust the salt and grind pepper.

Arrange the salmon and asparagus spirals on plates and and pour the sauce over top.