Salami Snack

- Oil - Onion - Garlic - Salami
I was looking for a tasty snack which is not a meal but a little bit more then just a snack. So I took a special kind of Salami, which is called Farmer Salami or cooking Salami here around, and tried different ways of cooking it. - Slice the Onion into small squares - Slice one or two cloves of garlic - Slice the Salami Now guess what... Make the Oil hot and throw in the Onions, let it cook for ~3-5 Minutes then add the Garlic, wait another 2 Minutes. Then add the Salami and turn it after a few minutes... let everything cook a little bit on low flame... After a few minutes, everything is finished... just take care nothing is getting burned.. thats it.. Quite easy.. isn't it? But veeery tasty :-)