Salami on Baguette

French Loaf/ Baguette
Tomato Puree
Curry Leaves
Dried Basil
Coarse Black Pepper
Dried Herb Mix
Ground Oregano
Japanese Cucumber
Chix Salami
Cheese ( i used dutch spiced gouda and cheddar)

This is really quick and easy to do. I loved how it turned out so here it is:

Prepare the base sauce:
Chop up the Parsley and Curry leaves and Mix it with the tomato puree, dried basil, coarse black pepper, dried herb mix and oregano.
Dice the tomatoes into cubes.

Cut the baguette/French loaf into half. Spread the base sauce onto the loaf, lay on the Japanese cucumber, salami, cheese and tomatoes.

Line it in a tray and toast till it browns and the cheese melts.

Let it cool for a bit and dig in!

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