Sake Steamed Sea Bass

- nice piece of sea bass (kick his ass!!) - green onions - nubbin of ginger - sake - mirin - salt and pepper
Wanted to steam some nice sea bass that I had with a quick and easy recipe that was healthy and flavorful. 1. Prepare sea bass by rubbing it gently with salt and pepper 2. Prepare green onions by cutting off the nasty bits on the bottom and cutting the green onions in half. The darker green onion parts will be used as the support for the fish fillet and the lower (white) part of the green onion will be used to stuff into the fillet. 3. Make vertical slits onto the fillet and stuff with vertically sliced pieces of green onion. 4. In your steamer, place the green parts of the green onion to make sure that your fish does not stick to the bottom of the steamer. This will also infuse more the green onion flavor to the fish while steaming. 5. In a wok or pan, put a bit more mirin and a good splash of sake. 6. Bring to a boil and steam. 7. When fish is cooked to your liking, serve. I personally steamed it for about 12 minutes.