Roasted Veggies with a side of Rigatoni

-Rigatoni -1 yellow squash -1 zucchini -1 breast of chicken -olive oil -clove of garlic (you will only use about 1/2) -thyme -basil -salt -pepper -shaved parmesan
It was late and I was hungry for some good food and just threw this together. It can be made without chicken, or you could substitute chicken for another meat. It makes the kitchen smell wonderful and tastes just as good. Enjoy! 1. Measure out the amount of pasta you would like in your bowl of choice. 2. Boil water to cook pasta. When pasta is finished, drain water then put back into the warm pot. Pour olive oil on the pasta to make sure it coats each noodle. Then put pasta in your bowl and top with shaved parmesan and salt and pepper to taste. 3. When you put the water on to boil, turn on the broiler and cut up your veggies. I chose to cube them, but you can really cut them however you would like. 4. As you are cutting your veggies, defrost and cook your chicken most of the way through in the microwave. Then cut in small pieces and add to the veggies. 5. Mix a little less than 1/4 cup olive oil with a couple shakes of thyme, basil, salt and pepper. Grate about 1/2 clove of garlic into the mixture as well. Mix that together well and then pour over the veggies and chicken. Make sure to coat everything well. 6. Put under the broiler for about 12 minutes. Mid way through the cooking I added a little more salt and pepper on top of the veggies. Cook until you like the texture of the veggies. 7. To serve, sprinkle shaved parmesan over roasted veggies.