Roast Carp in mayo&cheese sauce

carp (cleaned, with head)
120-200g grated yellow cheese (Gouda, Edam or similar)
5-6 spoons of mayo
bunch of parsley (4-6 branches)
salt & pepper
curry powder

NOTE: all quantities are approximate, depending on size of fish.
This fine hearty recipe is my aunt's way to prepare carp for family gatherings during winter. It includes lots of guessing regarding amounts of ingredients, but the fun part is that you cant't really go wrong as it always turns out delicious. And it's really simple!
  1. put carp on one side into deep cooking tray. sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper (inside of fish too!).
  2. lay all the parsley inside near the far "wall" of the stomach cavity.
  3. mix mayo and chese to get nice even mass. add curry powder to taste. I recommend not overdoing it with curry so that fish flavor doesn't get left behind.
  4. first open the stomach cavity and stuff some mass there. just to cover the inner sides but not too much. then evenly spread the remaining mass onto the carp (one side only) to cover it all except the head and tail.
  5. cook in preheated oven at 180C for about an hour or less, check if the fish is done (no pink flesh inside). enjoy immediately while hot.

    goes well alone or with sourkraut, or over pasta.