Risotto Pasta Bandwagon!

- Pasta (I used spiral shaped ones) - pasta sauce - butter - onions - garlic - salt and pepper - olive oil - sundried tomatoes - bacon - cheese (I used mozzarella) - mixed herbs
After seeing a few recipes which involved cooking pasta but directly adding in dry pasta to the sauce and letting it cook and absorb the sauce I decided to try and it i is delicious! The texture is slightly firmer and very flavourful! 1. Slice up onions, garlic and bacon. 2. Heat up a deep frying pan, I actually used a wok :). 3. Add in a chunk of butter but keep the heat on medium to low to stop it from browning then add in onions, garlic and sundried tomatoes. 4. Toss them around until the onions are just ever so slightly browned then add in the pasta and make sure it is well coated with the butter. 5. Add in some olive oil and stir again. Keeping the heat still fairly low add in enough water to cover the pasta and simmer it. 6. After the water has all gone, the pasta should not be fully cooked yet. Add in the bacon bits and stir until they are cooked. 7. Then add in about half a bottle of pasta sauce, a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese, a sprinkle of mixed herbs and enough water to cover the pasta again. 8. Leave it to simmer again and this time make sure you do this until the pasta is properly cooked, if it still isn't cooked by the time the water level goes down, just add more in. 9. Once pasta is done and the sauce should have simmered and most of the water evaporated away, you should have a rich, thick sauce. 10. Serve and EAT EAT EAT!! I actually love this method of cooking pasta more than the normal ones although it takes longer but it tastes much better to me. I used spiral pasta to catch the yummy yummy sauce. I suggest everyone jump on the bandwagon and try cooking pasta this way at least once! Cheers