Ricotta Hotcakes

-1 1/3 cups ricotta -3/4 cup milk -4 eggs, seperated -1 cup flour, sifted -1 tsp baking powder -pinch of salt
Ricotta pancakes / hotcakes are puffier and thicker than normal pancakes, which is why I like it. I like my pancakes thick, yet light. Pppfff.. 1.Mix ricotta, milk and egg yolks in a bowl till well combined. Add in sifted flour and baking powder and salt. 2.In another bowl, whisk the egg whites till stiff peak. Then gradually fold in to the ricotta-milk mix. 3.Heat the pan with some butter. Add a dollop of the mixture and flatten it or rather spread it so it’s round in shape. Oh well, you can do whatever shape you want. The mixture stays cause there’s whisked egg white. Lightly fry till golden brown, then flip over the other side. 4.Serve with honey when cooked, and maybe some fruits of your liking. Serves 6-8 Mixture can be kept in refrigerator for 24 hours. *recipe adapted from Bill Granger's book