Rich Pasta Salad

  • 170g of pasta farfalle
  • half onion
  • a tea spoon of poppy seeds
  • a tea spoon of fennel seeds
  • half fennel
  • 70g of tofu lemon pickled
  • 10 pachino tomatoes
  • 100g of pickled artichoke
  • 100g of parsleycelery
  • a sprig of pepper grass  
  • half lemon
  • 40g of extra-virgin olive oil
Cook the pasta and drain it well, so wash it with cold water.

Take a large salad bowl and put the following vegetables in it:
thiny sliced onion, a teaspoon of poppy seeds and fennel seeds;
The fennel cut into cubes, and the tomatoes cut in four.
Then add the artichokes, the thiny chopped parsley, the celerey and the pepper grass.

At this point dress the salad with lemon, oil and salt.

Finally mix the salad with the pasta, cover it with a lid and let it settle in the fridge for 30'.