Ricemeat (Reisfleisch)

Basic Ingredients - meat (pig or turkey) - rice (1 and a half mug) - water (3 mugs) - onions (one or two) - paprika Spices - pepper - soup powder - paprika - chili (if you like it hot) - tomato puree - parmesan
1. Slice the onions to cubicles, slice the paprika; than slice the meat into 1cm cubicles 2. roast the onions in some oil 3. add the meat 4. roast the meat when the meat is shortly roasted 5. add the rice and the water 6. now add the spices (paprika, pepper, maybe chili, tomato puree) 7. cook at a LOW flame until ready (normally around 20.30 minutes) Before serving add some parmesan on the plates.