Rapini salade with fish cake, mustard sauce

- ingredient
one bunch of Rapini(Broccoli Rabe)
one or two fish cake
Soumen Tsuyu(Japanese Noodle Soupe) 4-5 tbs
1 ts of mustard
1. Clean Rapini prepare for boiling
2. Prepare hot boil water in a pan with salt
3. Put Rapini in the boiled water to
boil,take out of it,rinse it with cold
water and cut for about 1inch
(be sure squeeze Rapini get the water off little bit) 4. Cut Fish Cake into thin strip 5. Put 2tbs oil in a fry pan,saute Fish Cake until browned 6. Put cutted Rapini and sauted Fish Cake in a salade bowl to mix,pouring Soumen Tsuyu and add mustard, toss well That's a simple and an easy Rapini Salade recipe for you. Bon appétit