Quasi-Gujarati Chicken Curry

- chicken cut into bite-size pieces - sliced carrot - coursely chopped spinach - finely chopped parsely - sliced onion - 2 roughly cut potatoes - 3-4 cloves minced garlic - a knob of ginger coursely chopped (roughly equal to amount of garlic) - sesame oil - sesame seeds - soy sauce - a handful of mixed beans (ie:chick peas, lentils, etc.) - about 1 tsp coriander powder - about 1 tsp cumin powder - about 1 tsp garam masala - about 1 tsp tumeric - 1/2 tsp spanish smoked paprika (pimenton) - chili powder to taste - a pinch of cloves - 2 sticks of cinnamon broken into 4 - salt - pepper
This is a modified version of a recipe I learned from a friend of mine. His is a Gujarati-style curry that is a bit sweeter with more ginger and contains tomatoes. I made this trying to get a more savory flavor reminiscent of hummus. By the way, quite the coincidence that dubow posted something similar earlier! Guess you can think of this as the slightly more complicated curry. 1. Marinate the chicken for at least 15 minutes in the soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds and sprinkle salt and pepper. 2. In a pan with heated oil, add the cinnamon sticks and cloves until the aroma starts to be released. Add in the onion, garlic, and ginger and sweat until translucent. Add the coriander powder, cumin, garam masala, tumeric, paprika, and chili powder. Once the aroma starts to come out remove the cinnamon and cloves with chopsticks (or whatever you have handy). 3. Make a small well and add the chicken with marinade and brown it. Add in the potatoes, carrots, and beans and cook a few minutes. Finally add in the spinach and parsely and cook until slightly wilted. 4. Cover with enough water to submerge everything just barely and bring to a boil. Add in salt and pepper and set to a simmer. Simmer until the potatoes start to "melt" into the sauce helping it to thicken. Add salt and seasonings to taste and serve with rice.