Pulut Tai Tai

1) Bunga terlang colouring - handful of flower , washed and pounded and mixed with a spoon of water. squeeze out the colour. set aside ( OR substitute with food colouring) 2) 700g glutinous rice, washed and soaked at least 4 hours 3) 2 pandan leaves 4) 200ml no. 2 santan 5) 400ml santan 6) Salt and 1 banana leaf KAYA (Eggs Custard): 1) 10 eggs 2) 380g sugar 3) 450ml coconut milk 4) Few drops yellow food colouring 5) Few drops of essen vanilla
KAYA (Eggs Custard): 1) Mix eggs and sugar together till sugar dissolves. 2) Add coconut milk, essen vanilla and food colouring. 3) Stir well-blended. Strain mixture in small pot. 4) Place small pot inside large pot. Pour 5 cups water into large pot, make sure that it does not overflow int small pot. 5) Bring to boil, stirring continuously till Kaya becomes thick and sticky. PULUT TAI TAI: 1) Mix the rice with half the no. 2 coconut milk and allow to absorb for 5 minutes. 2) Use a steaming basket (loyang) and cloth and put in the rice and pandan leaves. 3) Steam over boiling water for 10 minutes. 4) Add the rest of the no. 2 milk, stir through and steam for another 10 minutes. 5) Remove, stir in santan, a bit of salt. take one quarter of rice and mix with blue colour. 6) Mix with the rest of the white glutinous rice and steam for 10 minutes. 7) Line a shallow pan with banana leaf. grease with a bit of oil, then spoon the rice, press down. cover with banana leaf and weight it down. 8) Leave to cool and cut into squares....and serve with kaya (eggs custard).