Puertorrican Sancocho

1. 2 tps olive oil 2. clovesgarlic 3. 1 cup onion sliced 4. 1 cup green pepper sliced 5. 1/2 Cup cilantro sliced 6. 1 can whole tomatoes 7. 1 can tomato sauce 8. 2 cans chicken brooth unsalted 9. 1/4 cup white cooking wine 10. 2 green plantains Diced in 1 in slides 11. 1 Large √Ďame Cut in 2 in cubes Available at Latin Markets 12. 2 White Yautias Cut in 2 in slides Available at Latin Markets 13. 2 Large Yucas Cut in 2 in slides available at Latin Markets 14. 2 Large Apios Cut in Pieces Available at Latin Markets 15. 2 Large Corn on the Cobb Cut in 2 in slides 16. Salt, Pepper and Oregano To Taste 17. 1 pnd chicken 18. 1 pnd beef 19 1/2 Pnd Cooking Ham 20. 1/2 Pnd BBQ Sausages 21. 1 pnd Beef Tail 22. 2 large potatoes Diced
This is a very tasty kind of Caribbean Soup. You may add some hot ingredient, and shoul be served inmediately is dine with white rice and fired green plantains (Tostones) In a large pot heat the olive oil, add garlic, onions, green peppers, cilantro and cooked until the onions are transparent. Add the cooking wine and stir until the wine evaporates. Add the whole tomatoes, tomato sauce, salt, pepper and oregano to taste. Stir for about two to three minutes. Add all meat except the chicken. You want to add the chicken at the end to avoid the chicken to separate from the bones. Stir on high two to three minutes until the meat is sealed. Add the chicken broth and the same amount of water. Also add the corn on the cobb. Cover and cook on medium high for about 45 minutes. Stir ocasionally checking the meat tenderness. Add the chicken and continue cooking until chicken is cooked. Reduce the heat to low and add all vegetables. Cover and cook in low heat until vegetables are soft. Serve with white rice