Prawn cube, harissa chorizo chestnut ragout, pinenut sabayon, cilantro gelee

argentine prawns activa rm beurre monte cilantro gelatin sugar chestnuts, cooked carrots, cooked spanish chorizo prawn shells fish or prawn fume yellow onion garlic thyme bayleaves cubeb pepper tomatoes pinenut milk pinenut oil eggs egg whites clarified butter
1. For the prawns, Make a slurry of activa rm and water. wearing gloves, mix the raw prawns with the activa. Give shape, vacuum pack overnight. The next day cook in a beurre monte bath until just cooked through (55C). 2.For the cilantro gelee, blanch cilantro leaves for 25 seconds then shock in ice water. blend with simple syrup, add salt to taste and add melted gelatin. Gel in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. 3.For the ragout: cook the prawn shells in hot oil for 15 minutes. Add the tomatoes, onions, garlic, bay leaves, cubeb pepper and thyme. Cook for 15 minutes then add the shrimp or fish fume. Cook for 45 minutes, strain twice, then reduce to desired consistency. Add the harissa, butter, carrots, chorizo and chestnuts. Season and keep warm. 4. For the pinenut sabayon, mix the pinenut milk, oil, butter, eggs, and egg whites through careful emulsion. Strain and place in a siphon for hot preparations. Add two cartridges and keep in 72C water for 2 hours. Serve at the last moment. 5. To finish the dish, place some harissa ragout in the center of the plate. Top with squares of prawn cubes and top with fleur de sel. place cilantro gelee around plate with micro lettuce (arugula, mizuna, chard, etc). pour pinenut sabayon at last moment... 6. Eat it all..