Prawn, Avocado and Persimmon Salad

-1 small avocado (Haas avocado are good) -1/2 a small persimmon (a whole one if you have a sweet tooth) -some prawns -sea salt and pepper -some lime juice if you have any
I created this dish because I love avocados and I am very very very lazy. I make this of a lunch because it is insanely easy, and I don't feel full unless I eat some kind of protein and or fat-hence why this salad makes so much sense on top of being probably insanely healthy. 1. Chop up avocados, small pieces. 2. dice and slice some persimmon, small pieces. 3. Fry some prawns up with salt and pepper 4. Put it all together on a plate and squeeze some lime juice on it. There are probably things you could add to this salad to make it even yummier (perhaps), if anybody has any ideas let me know. I think I made it with one extra ingredient once and it totally rocked. Unfortunately I forget what it was.