potatoes in butter and soy sauce

- 6 to 8 small new potatoes or waxy potatoes - a dollop of unsalted butter - 1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce - a handful of chives - black pepper
Essentially sauté potatoes, but flavoured with soy sauce instead of salt. The result may be slightly less crisp potatoes, but with the added stickiness factor that I love in my food. 1. Cut potatoes into 5 mm slices. If you are not using new potatoes, you might want to soak them in water for about 15 minutes, then drain, dry and set aside. 2. Heat butter in a frying pan large enough to accomodate the potatoes in a single layer. 3. Add potatoes and fry over a medium heat. When brown on one side, sprinkle half of soy sauce over the potatoes and flip them over. 4. Sprinkle remaining soy sauce over the potatoes and continue cooking until both sides are done. 5. Top with chopped chives and black pepper.