Potato Fritter


I made these potato fritters as an appetizer for a recent party. It was quite popular.

* 5 cups of cooked potato * 1 cup of corn * 5 tbsp of cilantro * 3 cups of flour * 1 egg * some panko flakes * oil * salt, pepper
  1. put the potato into a food processor, blend until there are no clumps.
  2. mix mashed potato with some salt, pepper, corn, 1 cup of flour and chopped cilantro. Set aside until slightly chilled.
  3. scramble the egg.
  4. Prepare 3 bowls, one with 2 cups of flour, one with egg, and one with panko flakes.
  5. Form a small cylinder of potato with your hands and coat the outside with flour, egg and panko flakes in that order.
  6. Pan fry or deep fry for 10-15 minutes at a medium temperature. If pan frying, be sure to flip halfway through.
  7. Serve with A mixture of ketchup and sriracha sauce.

Enjoy the crunchy crust and creamy inside.