Potato and carrot mash

-potatoes...about 4 per person -carrots...a lot... -sour cream -olive oil, salt, pepper optional -cheese -bacon -....
This here is a traditional Dutch dish called "stamppot" and it looks like...eh...well...it looks nasty...but tastes mjam!!! There is a huge variation of different kinds of mash over here...we have it with carrots (and unions), raw endive, cabbage... To be honest...mash combines with almost anny veggie! I love it with bacon bits and apple...(hete blixem, translates as "hot as lightining") We have a special kind of smoked soucage that goes super with it...fat as hell, but tasty! Specialy on cold days... 1. Boil potatoes with some salt, best if they are cut up in smaller cubes already... You can also trow in the carrots, or boil them in a different pot. 2. If its all well cooked, drain almost all of the water, but save some up to make the mash into a nice consistence. Add some olive oil and mash! Use one of those things you would use for making mashed potatoes...but no blender...that turns the potatoes into glue...bleh!!! 3. Add some of the kooking water or some sour cream to make it nice and pasty. Taste for salt and pepper. 4. Optional...add baked bacon cubes, or cheese cubes... Oh...and always serve with mustard!