Pork Sinigang (Philippine Tamarind Soup)

3 cloves Garlic, 1 Onion (sliced), 500g Pork spare ribs (sweet and sour pork cuts work well too though), 1 package Spinach, 1 tomato (sliced), 1 packet Sinigang sa Sampalok mix (Tamarind soup base), 1/4 cup lime juice (calamansi)
1. Boil Pork ribs in a large pot with garlic and onions.
2. When the pork is close to fully cooked, turn down the heat and add the Tamarind Soup Base, followed by sliced tomato. Let simmer.
3. Add the spinach and lime juice.  Allow the spinach leaves to wilt by bringing the soup to a boil.
4. Voila! You should have a deliciously sour soup that tastes great over steamed rice.