Pesto Mushroom, Mushroom Pizza

- 1 Green Pepper - Sliced - 5 Cremini mushrooms (Baby Portabello's) - 5 Button Mushrooms - 1/2 Jalepeno pepper chopped any way you want - 1 Sweet red onion sliced - 2 Cloves of garlic - or more;) SLICED - 1 Cup of fresh Mozzarella Cheese, shredded - 1/2 Cup of Pesto Sauce. You can make your own like I do or buy ready made - 5 Large sundried tomatoes - 1 Package of store made dough - Salt and fresh ground pepper
STEP 1 DOUGH I used fresh bakery dough. Just go to your local grocery store or bakery and they should have fresh dough. I was too lazy to make my own this time. For the dough, you need some flour so the dough does not stick everywhere. Sprinkle some on your board and on you hands and stretch out the dough. Once you stretch it out in a shape of a wheel, take a rolling pin and spread it out more. You might ask yourself why it keeps shrinking....the dough that is. (Do you remember when you go to pick up your pizza, the guy making the dough always has this rolly thing with spikes on it to poke holes in his dough....why does he do that).....anyways, I do this with a fork...and it doesn't shrink your dough as much. Then take a Pizza sheet or whatever you use to put in the oven to make Pizza, but before you put on your dough, make sure you put some Olive Oil on the pan. It gives the crust a nice crisp and it doesn't stick. STEP 2 THROW ON YOUR TOPPINGS. I start with the Pesto sauce. Add as much as you desire. I love extra sauce. Than add a bit of cheese to cover the sauce. Add your veggies in whatever order. Add more cheese. Top it off with the garlic, sun dried tomatoes, salt and pepper. I pop it in the oven for 375 degrees Celsius for 30 mins or so. Whenever the crust starts to turn golden brown. STEP 3 And there you have it....A nice, gourmet style pizza ready to will definitely wow your guest. I know I did:)