Pepper beef with aubergine

  1. A thick slice of Beef. 
  2. Few slice of Aubergine "Egg plant". 
  3. Potatos. 
  4. Leek stalks. 
  5. Butter. 
  6. Salt. 
  7. Pepper. 
  8. Cream. 
  9. A bottle of wisky sauce from the store.
  10. Olive oil.
It´s my gf´s birthday today.  Since she is overseas right now and i can´t celebrate it with her. So i thought i´ll post this birthday dinner to you all so we all can celebrate it with her and wish her A Happy Birthday :)

Step 1.
Potato smash:

Boil the fresh potatos. Add salt, pepper, butter and cream when you are smashing the potatos.

Step 2.
Pepper beef:
Marinade the beef with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add the butter in the pan and fry the beef in medium heat.
Make sure both sides are golden brown. I prefer my beef 80 % done.  But for you who like it well done. Stick a tooth pick into the meat to check if there´s any blood sipping out.
Take out the beef from the pan and put the aubergine slices and chopped leek stalks into the pan and let it get light brown.

Step 3.
Wisky sauce:
Mix the wisky sauce with cream.

Nicely put the potato smash on the plate and the pepper beef, then the light steer fried aubergine and leek stalks on the top. And pour the wisky sauce and olive oil over them.

Enjoy :)