Crispy Zucchini Recipe

Crispy Zucchini


2-3 zucchini
1/4 cup cornmeal
oil for deep frying
salt, black paper

How to make Crispy Zucchini

Heat the oil in a deep large saucepan. Cut zucchini into not too thin rounds. Sprinkle with salt and black paper. Roll each round into the cornmeal on both sides. Fry until golden brown on both sides.

Very simple and veeeery tasty!!!

  • hoojib88
    hoojib88 says

    Yum! Zookys! I love them! :)

  • saint
    saint says

    Looks great! What is your dip? I usually have evoo + chili oil + capers when I fry zucchini. Also, I usually flour then egg before coating in cornmeal or breadcrumbs, have I been wasting effort?

  • zoridream
    zoridream says

    thanks saint! in Bulgaria we usually eat these with sour cream combined with garlic powder, ground black paper and fresh parsley. I like your way to fry the zucchini, this is just the faster version of fried crispy zucchini.

  • piyawan
    piyawan says

    First, I have to search.. what Zucchini is. But it looks great :)

  • zoridream
    zoridream says

    Oh, I'm sorry, but I don't speak your language, I can't translate it! Hope you'll find the word in your dictionary!

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