False tartlet cream Recipe

False tartlet cream


600 gr. mass litter ready (pie crust ready) in room temperature
6 egg yolks
120 gr. sugar
3.50 dl. cream in room temperature
cinnamon powder
powder sugar
margarine to grease

How to make False tartlet cream

1 - Extend the mass litter (pie crust ready) on a table and preheat the oven on high temperature.

2 - Grease the little tins cake well with margarine and place the mass in the tins, trimming around the edges.

3 - In a pan, add the cream with the sugar and the egg yolks. Mix everything well with a wooden spoon.

4 - Cook the mixture on mild temperature while always stirring with the batter stirring wire until it begins to want to bubble.

5 – Put this mixture in the tins that you have prepared and put it in the already preheated oven.

6 - Let the tartlets cook quickly and golden. Remove them from the oven, letting them cool for a little before unmold.

7 - Dust them with the cinnamon powder and the powder sugar. You can serve them either warm or cold.

  • telliecoin
    telliecoin says

    thank u for the english version :)

  • Rinslet
    Rinslet says

    Sorry, but what kind of cream did you use? Thanks!

  • zezepina
    zezepina says

    I used this recipe creme fraiche, but can also be used double cream.

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