Yours Sinfully Recipe

Yours Sinfully


  • 1 bar of chocolate
  • cornflakes
  • honey
  • water
  • papercups

How to make Yours Sinfully

Disclaimer: This is the first time I am doing this dish. And it's totally inspired by WokkingMum's recipe. I once ate a whole container of these. They were made by my Mom's friend. And I have never knew that they were that easy to make. So I just had to try it out for myself...

I have modified WokkingMum's recipe slightly, so here's mine. Again, this is my FIRST time doing BE KIND, please! (I have 2 [used to be 3] food critics in my life...that's why I am scared shitless of cooking anything...coz it's NEVER good enough for them...)

  1. Melt the bar of chocolate. I used the double boiler method.

  2. Add some honey.

  3. Continue stirring the chocolate with the honey till it's really smooth.

  4. Add some water to the mixture if it's difficult to melt the chocolate and if you're not able to get a smooth consistency.

  5. When it's smooth enough, dump some cornflakes into the mixture. I added half a bag! :P

  6. Fold the cornflakes into the choclate mixture. Make sure that every cornflake is coated with the mixture.

  7. Get your pretty papercups ready.

  8. Using 2 teaspoons, gingerly place the mushy mixture into the papercups.

  9. At this stage, DO NOT taste the mixture. DO NOT! Coz it'd only make you go..."OMG! WTF?! OMG!"...and you'd lose all concentration in trying to fill the papercups...You've been SEVERELY warned here.

  10. If you've managed to fill all your papercups, then leave it aside to chill.

  11. What about the rest of the mixture, you ask? I donch know about ya, but I sat in front of the aquarium, bowl in my hand, spoon in the other...and a silly satisfied grin on my face...Life is good. :)

Enjoy! :)

  • MrsThPoint
    MrsThPoint says

    my...that looks delicious and easy to make. I am going to try that next time before I go to a party

  • tracynagel
    tracynagel says

    Wow.. I just posted a very similar recipe and saw this in the related recipes.. I guess chocolate cornflakes are popular.. for good reason! ^_^ I shall have to try honey instead of butter next!

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