Slow Cooked Wild Boar Recipe

Slow Cooked Wild Boar


Wild or Free Range boar, preferably brought down with bow and arrow.



Hawaiian salt


Chicken broth

Slow Cooker

How to make Slow Cooked Wild Boar


Once you clean the animal and remove the meat, clean off all hair, mud (if any) and tough parts of the meat (connective tissue).
De-bone the meat.
Soak the meat in salty water for an hour or so, change the water until it stays semi clear (the cleaner the water stays the better, it will remove the strong flavors embedded in the meat).
You can freeze the meat at this point to store or to tenderize it (the freezing process tenderizes the meat somewhat).

To Cook:

Add the prepped meat to the slow cooker, and add water or chicken broth until its just covering the meat.
Add in chicken broth cubes (if you didnt use canned broth) and mix.
Add salt to the water/broth to taste-- this is tough to measure as you cant really taste it (the meat is not cooked yet and you dont wanna be tasting raw pork water) I use 1-2 tablespoons of Hawaiian Salt and its good for my palette, but it also depends how salty your broth is, for salty broth, 1 Tbl.spoon is most likely enough.
Cut a whole Onion into rings and add it to the broth (for added flavor and salt absorbing).
Mix the ingredients around so its all sitting in the broth.
Cook for 12-16 hours, longer the better.
When done, the meat should be so soft it almost just falls apart.

To Serve:

I dont eat the onions I cooked the boar with, but you can, I find them a little salty.
I cook more onion instead.
Serve over rice with the onion on top. Other vegetables can also be added to your liking.
Add your favorite sauce, I like a good BBQ sauce.

Devour the boar.

Hard to get healthier pork, or meat for that matter, than free range!
  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    this is officially the first wild boar recipe on OSF! respect!!

  • meems808
    meems808 says

    ha ha devour the boar... goodness. I suppose I'd have to hunt or have a hunting friend to make this one... I assume it was yummy?

  • puklop
    puklop says


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