Thai Herb Salad Recipe

Thai Herb Salad



  • beansprouts
  • lettuce
  • cucumber
  • cooked shrimp
  • coriander
  • mint
  • basil
  • cashew nuts
  • sesame seeds

Dressing (not pictured)

  • thai sweet chilli sauce
  • lime juice
  • sesame oil
  • pinch of salt

How to make Thai Herb Salad

The picture shows the salad undressed as this was made for a picnic and I took the pic at home. Always bring your dressing separately and dress the salad at the last possible moment!


  1. Shred the lettuce, roughly chop all the herbs, slice the cucumber and smash the cashew nuts into little bits.

  2. Combine everything in a big mixing bowl. Mix well. Scatter sesame seeds on top.


  1. Whisk together a glug of chilli sauce, the juice of one lime (put the lime halves in with the salad after, for garnish), a dash of sesame oil and a little bit of salt. Adjust the levels to your liking.

  2. Store dressing in a container until you are ready to serve the salad.

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    Sounds refreshing. Looks great.

  • caccy46
    caccy46 says

    add finely chopped lime zest to salad before dressing.

  • serenac
    serenac says

    mmm, this is going to be my dinner tonight. for some reason, though, i keep thinking i want to put a vietnamese twist on this by substituting fish sauce & sugar for the chilli sauce, omitting the salt.

  • Sinbad
    Sinbad says

    Tried it the other night and was great. The lime-based dressing was excellent.

  • mskatiekat
    mskatiekat says

    This looks healthy and very interesting! Saved it in my favourites. I will definitely give it a try!

  • Bluebird
    Bluebird says

    i tried this for my new diet, it was very fab.

  • shadowsin
    shadowsin says

    hmm... where to find basil or sweet chili sauce in tokyo.... ?

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    both can be found at any large supermarket. Try the [Precce]( brand of supermarkets, they are pretty decent.

  • FrankMiller
    FrankMiller says

    How much is a "glug" of chilli sauce?

  • Darrin
    Darrin says

    Looks really good

  • lakeofsand
    lakeofsand says

    fwiw, If you're in the USA and want to make this, coriander is cilantro. Here, we call the seed coriander and the leaf cilantro. dunno why. While coriander (the seed), if stored and used properly, has loads of flavor - the ground sawdust called coriander in U.S. supermarkets, has almost none.

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