Tasty Tasty Burger Recipe

Tasty Tasty Burger


  • onion
  • butter
  • olive oil

How to make Tasty Tasty Burger

This burger is based on rachel's The Best Mini Burger. Ingredients are the same, except I added some caramelised onions.

The onions are easy, but you need to get them going right at the start of the preparation process as they take a long time.

  1. Slice onions and heat some butter and a little olive oil in a pan.

  2. Add the onions and bring the heat right down to the lowest possible level. Continue heating like this, stirring occasionally, for around 30 minutes.

  3. The onions should be brown and a bit gooey. Grab some tongs and place some of the lovely, buttery sweet onions on your burger (a la rachel's recipe).

  • dubow
    dubow says

    yum yum...make mine a pork burger with fries please! :D

  • sumafood
    sumafood says

    Nice one man, I love onions done like this on burgers. Is there a healthy supply of hamburger buns in Tokyo, or did you just use a simple roll?

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    ah just a regular white roll, no hamburger buns at my local supermarket.

  • celia
    celia says

    it's 10:43 pm and you're making me hungry

  • rachel
    rachel says

    you tried the burger! i'm so pleased. :) anyway, here's a suggestion for the onions - try adding a splash of balsamic vinegar about 10min into the cooking, then let it reduce to about 1/3 the volume. gives you this awesome tangy kick too.

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    awesome suggestion - thanks!

  • sgtoca
    sgtoca says

    oh god, just when I've sworn off burgers after watching Fast Food Nation, seeing this pic just make me crave it! damn!

  • rachel
    rachel says

    @sgtoca: if you're making the burger on your own at least you know exactly what goes in it, which should fix the fast-food-nation-burger problem! :) you can even go an extra step and buy some cheap cuts of meat to blitz up since i suppose you *never* really know what goes into mince ;p

  • Laynie
    Laynie says

    Caramelized onions = heaven. I could have them with EVERYthing.

  • thedelicious
    thedelicious says

    i think it's kinda funny that the tags for this recipe read: "butter meat quick" i don't know why, but that's just funny to me.

  • japzkyootipie
    japzkyootipie says


  • xtorwithyou
    xtorwithyou says

    funny site, good recipe. even though i've just finished lunch, my stomach says if i dont send a burger to him right now, he will kill me....--)..but a guy inside my skull says NOT ANY MORE~~~~~...

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