Pan-Roasted Salmon with Wild Mushrooms Recipe

Pan-Roasted Salmon with Wild Mushrooms

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  • boneless salmon fillet
  • juice of half a lemon
  • curry salt (1/3 curry powder to 2/3 salt)
  • 2 varieties of mushroom, whole
  • one clove of garlic, finely chopped
  • splash of balsamic vinegar
  • handful of fresh flat leaf parsley, chopped

How to make Pan-Roasted Salmon with Wild Mushrooms

This was more an experiment in using Gordon Ramsay's "curry salt" method of seasoning fish than a real recipe. Gordon Ramsay suggests using "curry salt" to season fish when pan-roasting or frying, because cooking fish quickly like this doesn't give it enough time to take on any colour. Curry salt gives the fish a deliciously appetising, warm golden glow and it doesn't taste of curry at all - it just tasted like perfectly-seasoned fish. I'll be adopting this little tip for all my pan-roasting of fish from now on!

  1. Rub the salmon with lemon juice and sprinkle with curry salt.

  2. Heat a little olive oil in a hot griddle pan (I love sear marks) to a very high heat, lay the salmon on and bring it down to 2/3 heat. Don't touch it.

  3. Heat some olive oil in another pan for the mushrooms. Add the mushrooms to the pan along with the garlic. Toss, add a little balsamic (some white wine would do nicely here too, I think) and season with freshly ground salt and pepper. Bring the heat down.

  4. When the salmon is 2/3 cooked the way up (you will be able to see the flesh colour change) flip it over. Again, don't touch it. It should sit there until it is done, which will take another couple of minutes, depending on the thickness of your fish.

  5. Scatter the fresh parsley on the mushrooms. Serve with the salmon.

In the picture I also added an onion in with the mushrooms but I don't think they added much. If I had let them caramelise and sweeten for a bit longer though, it could have been quite a tasty combination.

  • freychef
    freychef says

    very nice!

  • Laynie
    Laynie says

    Anyone suggesting possible alternatives to the parsley?

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    Not a fan of parsley? I think a great alternative to the mushrooms would be some lovely minted crushed peas...mmmm

  • mskatiekat
    mskatiekat says

    Saw this from your Flickr page. Thanks for the recipe. I might just try this sometime!

  • rickm1
    rickm1 says

    This look gonna have to try this...pic looks great

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    thanks! it's a really great way to give the fish a bit of colour. seems to work really well with pink salmon, but I haven't had much luck with white fish.

  • shini
    shini says

    oh my this looks YUMMY. gotta try it tomorrow. haha

  • schuzants
    schuzants says

    very tempting....

  • lymanalo
    lymanalo says

    are you sure you are not a web developer and not a chef?

  • speckiss
    speckiss says

    Very Tasty and original, your recipes are so cool :)

  • arcencielfw
    arcencielfw says

    So good... I tried it tonight, maybe my salmon was a little bit dry but I loved it! "Curry salt" was really tasty! Thank you.

  • nacht
    nacht says

    I made this last night for dinner. Absolutely fantastic. I added a couple bits of grilled asparagus. Absolutely fantastic - although I might have been a tad heavy-handed with the curry salt.

  • Dolores
    Dolores says

    I just made this--it was fabulous! The curry salt was perfect--my fish looked beautiful and had a light crust. I used large button mushrooms which I cut rather thick--the balsamic was a great complement. Served it with steamed whole green beans and sliced fresh tomatos. Thank you for the recipe!

  • sonrisa7
    sonrisa7 says

    I made the salmon portion of the dish this evening and it was the best salmon I've ever had. So simple and just stunning on the plate - I used a 1t/2t combination and ended up using about half that for two large salmon stakes. Thanks for the curry salt tip!

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