"Chick Food for Guys" Pasta Salad Recipe

"Chick Food for Guys" Pasta Salad


  • a red pepper
  • cherry tomatoes
  • salad greens (herb leaf, rocket)
  • any kind of pasta
  • fresh basil
  • some meat (I used pork)
  • wholegrain mustard
  • honey / brown sugar
  • chillies
  • garlic
  • lemon juice

How to make "Chick Food for Guys" Pasta Salad

Sometimes you just want to eat a great big salad. This is a no-nonsense dish I eat straight from the mixing bowl.

  1. Using some metal tongs, hold your red pepper over your gas flame until the outer skin is completely blackened and blistered. Put the whole thing in a bowl and cover with clingfilm - the pepper will continue to steam itself to softness under the film.

  2. Bash together the wholegrain mustard, honey, chillies, garlic, lemon juice to form a thick paste (might need to add a little olive oil). Spread over your meat and leave to marinate.

  3. Slice your cherry tomatoes in half and salt the insides (use a generous amount). Salt improves the flavour and draws out some of the moisture. After about 10 mins you'll notice that water has collected on the cut surface - soak it up gently with a piece of kitchen paper.

  4. Start cooking your pasta in some salted boiling water. Heat a griddle pan and sear your meat. Bring the heat down, then 5 mins before the meat is done add your tomatoes to the pan.

  5. Go back to your red pepper. Peel the black skin off (it should come away quite easily) and chop the flesh into rough chunks.

  6. Turn the heat off on everything. Drain your pasta and return to the pan. Drizzle a little olive oil and add your tomatoes, red pepper chunks and some freshly torn basil. Season with freshly ground salt and black pepper.

  7. Slice the meat into bite-size chunks. No more than 1 minute before serving, dress your salad leaves with your favourite dressing, throw the pasta on top, throw the meat on top of that. Stick a fork in the mixing bowl and sit down infront of a movie with a tall glass of iced tea.

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    For a second I thought you were eating it out of the wok.

  • JaiLovesCake
    JaiLovesCake says

    this looks incredible jon. You still owe me a dish punk ...my HALIBUT.

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    This definitely sounds like a eat-on-a-lazy-sunday-and--watch-an-entire-season-of-24 type of dish. Simple and good.

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    I broke your site again.

  • yongfook
    yongfook says


  • gen
    gen says

    2nd comment by iconsam doesn't wrap properly. (This is in Firefox, fwiw.)

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    ah ok.

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    guard952 says

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  • yongfook
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  • spongefile
    spongefile says

    Chick food? The description sounds all manly. "Bash" "rough chunks" etc. Arr. Wish I had a gas burning stove...any way to char the pepper if you're stuck with electricity?

  • Mariska
    Mariska says

    what kind of lightning you are using when you take the pic, all look awsome, not to mention delicious

  • mskatiekat
    mskatiekat says

    Eat from the mixing bowl... That's so un-chick of me then as I do that with my salads ALL THE TIME! Then again, I live in my own :)

  • khamming
    khamming says

    pine nuts. this would be really good with pine nuts.

  • tonll
    tonll says

    *nods head* at pine nuts suggestion. Going to try this out. Thanks =)

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