Beef Filet with Crushed Mint Peas Recipe

Beef Filet with Crushed Mint Peas


  • 1 medium filet steak
  • tablespoon wholegrain mustard
  • 2 small cups frozen peas (or fresh, if you want - but frozen are just as good)
  • 10 fresh mint leaves, chopped
  • sprinkling of thyme flowers
  • salt, pepper, olive oil
  • small knob of butter

How to make Beef Filet with Crushed Mint Peas

This is criminally simple to make. Crushed, minted peas make an excellent side to meat and fish. Here I've served them with a really easy, can't-bugger-up beef steak.

Makes 2 portions as a light lunch as I think it's a bit over-indulgent to eat a whole filet on your own...

  1. Boil enough water to cook the peas. When at a rolling boil, put in the peas and cover (frozen peas will lower the temperature so you need to keep the heat in).

  2. Heat another pan with some olive oil. Season your beef generously with salt and pepper. In the hot pan, seal the beef on all sides to lock in the juices. Lower the heat and allow to cook. Try to turn only once - use touch to judge when the beef is done. Perfectly cooked filet should give a little when touched but bounce right back. You'll need to experiment.

  3. Whilst the beef is cooking, check on the peas - they will cook in 2 to 3 minutes when the water is boiling. When done, drain and put back in the pan. Add the chopped mint, thyme, a glug of olive oil and the butter. Crush the peas lightly against the bottom and side of the pan with a large spoon, to make a rough "mash" - not too smooth though. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

  4. When the beef is done, remove it from the pan and put it on a chopping board with the hot side up. Immediately spread a thin layer of wholegrain mustard on this side of the beef. The heat will melt the mustard slightly and allow the flavour to penetrate the meat. Allow the beef time to rest for about 3 minutes - this will make it easier to cut.

  5. Use a cookie cutter to shape your peas into a circle on a plate. Slice the beef and arrange on top of the peas. Serve!

  • Qarpon
    Qarpon says

    Just a little confused: what do you mean by "In the hot pan, seal the beef on all sides to lock in the juices."? I didn't get if you were speaking about cooking it on all sides, or somehow covering it? Anyway, I'm trying it today! :P

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    Ah sorry, seal or sear. I mean just frazzling the beef quickly on all sides of the meat, so that the outside is completely cooked. After that you can lower the heat and leave it on one side to let it cook through, turning once. Sealing the meat like this helps to prevent the juices running out as the meat cooks - you want those to stay in otherwise it will dry out.

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    That looks FRICKING amazing. WANT.

  • Qarpon
    Qarpon says

    Here's my report on trying this recipe. Hope you'll enjoy it :) So, I bought quite large piece of fillet, so I had same dish for 2 days in a row. Day one, I did all as your recipe suggests (although marinated for an hour with pepper). And it was delicious! The remaining piece of fillet stayed in fridge (marinating overnight with ground pepper and few rosemary branches - highly recommended!). So, on day two I decided to replace peas with dried lentils (my favorite). All goes the same: boil them in salted water adding mint, then mash a bit adding butter. As with the beef, I cooked it along with rosemary (caramelizes to godlike fantasy!) and few mushrooms (add before end). As a side I served stir-fried zucchini (+1 chopped clove of garlic & some french herbs) and fresh horseradish. Awesome it was!!! thnx a lot.

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    wow that sounds like a vast improvement! heh. honestly speaking, this dish came about because I had literally NOTHING in my fridge apart from frozen peas, a frozen bit of steak and some fresh mint from making mint tea a few days before...

  • Qarpon
    Qarpon says

    btw, spreading wholegrain mustard over hot side of meat is megacool! great trick. :) gonna use a lot now.

  • mark
    mark says

    (insert comedy homer simpson drooling noise here) shall have a go tonight methinks

  • wilsfresh
    wilsfresh says

    You are right about the overindulgence! I have a once-a-week steak tartare habit which leaves me with half a filet as leftovers. I'm definitely trying this next time! BTW- Thank you for the gift that is OSF!

  • Erica
    Erica says

    Hey, It's me Erica from Food and Drink. Would you be interested in e-mailing me high-res/300 dpi versions of this and a variety of other recipe photos this week for the story? Thanks, Erica Burke, Senior Food Editor

  • xaviermeng
    xaviermeng says

    nice. love your new photo

  • japzkyootipie
    japzkyootipie says

    yey profiles are working!!!!! + looks delish

  • Cookbad
    Cookbad says

    That is a perfect steak. Could you sub in edamame for peas? I'm going to try.

  • norecipes
    norecipes says

    Mmmmmmm...... beeeef

  • duodishes
    duodishes says

    Ohhhhh delish!

  • piranhasushi616
    piranhasushi616 says

    this is amazzzzing!!!

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