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  • yenic

    oops.. 1 Tbsp means 1 tablespoon.

    on Strawberry Jam
  • mefmef

    hi, what's a "Tbsp"? thank you very much!!! best g.

    on Strawberry Jam
  • worldpeas

    yum. loving the sheen on that sauce.

    on Chicken Tikka Masala
  • yongfook

    ahhh, a British classic!

    on Chicken Tikka Masala
  • blakemakes

    I love bittersweet chocolate! I tasted a groom's cake for my wedding the was bittersweet chocolate (the first time I'd ever had bittersweet chocolate cake). I was so good. Chocolate can get very rich, but something about eating it in its bittersweet form makes me feel less guilty about eating vast quantities of it. I've got to try this one! bk

    on Chocolate Souffle