Pork with Winter melon Soup / 冬瓜排骨湯 Recipe

Pork with Winter melon Soup / 冬瓜排骨湯


-- serves 8 --

  • 2 lbs. pork rib
  • 1 medium winter melon (dung qua)
  • 15g ginger
  • salt & chicken flavor bouillon (or HON-DASHI by AJINOMOTO CO., INC.)

How to make Pork with Winter melon Soup / 冬瓜排骨湯

I LOVE SOUP~ usually it needs time to be accomplished, but it's worthy!!! this soup is very easy, let's get cooking.

  1. cut pork rib into little pieces, cut winter melon into 4x4cm cubes, sliced ginger.

  2. in a medium pot with boiled water, put pork in about 20 seconds, just slightly cook, then take it out, set aside.

  3. in a big pot with boiled water, put cooked pork and ginger in, turn the heat down to low, cook 60 to 90 minutes.

  4. season the soup with salt and HON-DASHI.

  5. add winter melon into the soup, cook another 20 minutes, then serve.

  • minpig
    minpig says

    love ur recipes ^^ I change it a little by adding 毛瓜 instead of 冬瓜. Also add a few 冬菇 to make it sweet ^^

  • yehting
    yehting says

    thank you for trying this recipe, and i'm so glad you like it!!! next time i will try to add 毛瓜 for sure~ :D

  • Maomaouchi
    Maomaouchi says

    Oh my goodness I love this soup...My mom makes it all the time! She likes to add peanuts!

  • Tlmeyn
    Tlmeyn says

    This is one of my favorite soups! I have to give this recipe a try...

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