Pork with Spinach Recipe

Pork with Spinach


-- serves four --

250g - pork (or any kind of meat)

2 bags - spinach

** 2 tbsp - asian style BBQ sauce

** 3 tbsp - soy sauce

** 2 tbsp - tapioca starch

water (to cook spinach)

How to make Pork with Spinach

usually i use beef, but this time i don't have beef on hand...still looks delicious!

  1. slice meat as thin as possible, or cut into any shape you like, but need to easy to cook.

  2. in a small bowl, put meat and all **, blend evenly, set aside about 10 mins.

  3. in a medium pot, boil water to cook spinach, until soft. then take all veggie out on your serve plate.

  4. left about 1/4 cup water in the pot, put meat in, give it a stir, when meat all done, pour it right on the spinach.

  5. serve immediately

  • yehting
    yehting says

    someday i need to change the photo, make it look more delicious ^^

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